The powerful cutting action uses one safe motion to cut and spread one link open so adjacent full links can slip off.  Smaller chain and cable can be cut completely in one cut.  Self-contained hydraulic power gives smooth easy operation.  Permanently attached Bi-Lingual Operation and Safety Instructions (English/Spanish).  18″ telescoping pumping handle retracts into the cutter for storage.  Pump handle is secured with a keyed lock to control unauthorized use (Optional feature).  Side mounting to any vertical post or plate with included hardware or bottom to shelf or bench with a Universal Mounting kit (sold separately).

1/2″ Grade 40, 4, 43 and 400 described as a “High Test” Carbon Steel Chain or 3/8″ Grade 70, 7, 700 described as Transport Carbon Steel Chain.  Also cuts and bends smaller size and/or lower grades of welded or weldless  chain, and cable up to 3/8″ diameter.  Required handle force at capacity: 35 lb.